Andy was not a professional adventurer, explorer or an extreme endurance world record holder. Before sreaching the source of the Danube, he was the founder & director of a successful event production company.  With a desire to find and discover more from the world he chose the road (or river) less travelled by selling his company, packing his bags and heading out into the unknown. 

From kayaking through Wales, cycling on the continent, or exploring South East Asia on a dilapidated scooter, Andy is no stranger to filling his spare time with the new and adventurous. When not sleeping in a hammock or out rambling through the countryside he can often be found watching his beloved Gloucester Rugby or trying to convince his body that it really was built for running.

SUP The Danube presented a huge step up compared to the scale and length of adventure undertaken before and as much as he loves a good spreadsheet; it was the doing not planning that he loved.


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Kate has a love for exploring and people. She has been fortunate to live and work in many different countries across the globe, often stepping off the beaten track to try and discover the real essence of a place. She has an inbuilt need for adventure be it small or large meaning that the past few years have seen her summit Kilimanjaro twice, climb in mainland Europe and South Africa, spend many nights wild camping in London, and be part of the crew of a tall ship.

In recent time Kate has been working to combine sport, community and development gaining an MSc in International Development and a diploma in personal training. Her philosophy is to support others to explore their dreams through making time in what is often a very busy and loud world: to step back and make space to really listen and then achieve what each human being has; potential. Her desire is to share the joy of being active in nature whilst helping others, making the most of human curiosity and compassion.

Kate is currently involved in both Project Awesome and the Yes Tribe in London, both of which have inspired and supported her to take this next step forward. Although based in the city she is often to be found up mountains, running, biking, or swimming.