May 23, 2016


2067km - starting from near the Danube source are distance markers, which are regularly displayed on the side of the river counting down the kilometres until the Black Sea. They are there for the many shipping vessels that use the river but they are also brillian...

March 2, 2016


The tree and stockings are up, the carols are echoing through the air and the house is groaning with good food. Whatever age you are I can bet that you are excited for the morning; the wait is finally over and Christmas day is nearly here. 

We walked from our hotel...

February 23, 2016


So we are finally here. In seven days time we'll fly to Southern Germany then head the final few miles by train to Donaueschingen, ready to start our journey two days later. It's weird, we have been building up to this point for so long that now that it is here it...

February 1, 2016


I am competitive to say the least. I like to win at things and don't like failing or getting things wrong. I believe it makes me look silly, and I just really like being not brilliant at everything but at least good at most things. A sport, a board-game, a debate...

January 6, 2016


Sitting down to write this blog post I find I don’t know quite where to start. Christmas, New Year, planned micro-adventures, water, and the fact that 2016 is now here and we are just a few weeks away from our start….

I guess that the odd one out in that list is wa...

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