In 2016 I took my Stand up Paddle board the length of the Danube River. 10 countries, 4 capital cities, 3000km in 3 months.

In June 2017 I Paddle Board the length of the second longest river in England - the Thames. 1 Country, 1 capital city, 240Km, 5 days.

2018 saw me return to the Thames to set a new world record for the fastest descent of the river on a tandem paddle board.

I also cycled across Europe from London to the Black Sea in Romania. 3600 km taking in 11 countries and 6 capital cites in 30 days.

2019 was about bringing the dream of creating my own rolling adventure home into reality. 3 long weeks and lots of learning saw me emerge with my very own camper van which has become a gateway to exploring more of the wonderful country I call home.

Until the end of 2015 I was the founder & director of a successful event production company but, with a desire to find and discover more from the world I chose the road less travelled.  I left the company, packed my bags and headed out into the unknown.


From kayaking through Wales, cycling on the continent, or exploring South East Asia on a dilapidated scooter, I'm no stranger to filling my spare time with the new and adventurous. When not sleeping in a hammock or out rambling through the countryside I can often be found watching my beloved Gloucester Rugby or trying to convince my body that it really was built for running.


In the spring of 2016 I became the first person to stand up paddle board the length of the Danube River. From its source in Donaueschingen, Germany through 10 countries & 4 capital cites untill it arrives at the Black Sea in Romania just shy of 3000km later.