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SUP the Thames
230KM | 44 Locks | 4.5 Days
Lechlade to Putney – June 2017

In 2016 I took my Stand Up Paddleboard along Europe's second longest river; the Danube. From source to sea through 10 countries, 4 capital cites, 3000km and 3 months.

June 2017 saw me take on another of the worlds second longest rivers - this time the United Kingdom's second longest stretch of water; the River Thames. 

The original plan of starting from Cricklade was quickly abandoned due to a lack of water in the river meaning a 10km drive down stream to Lechlade where the river is fully navigable for boats meaning a guaranteed water level. Upon leaving Gloucestershire I paddled through Oxford, Reading, Henley and Windsor until reaching the suburbs of London and my final destination of Putney. 230Km, 44 locks and all ahead of schedule in 4 and a half days.

Yes, the Thames flows on from Putney through the centre of London for another 70 odd kilometres but, for a Paddleboard that route requires special permission, would take more time than I had and, Putney was where I called home so what better reason to finish there?

The whole paddle was under taken fully self supported meaning I carried all food, shelter and equipment required with me on the board.

For photos and updates from the advenutre please check out my Instagram feed and Facebook page.

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