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Hike the Cotswold Way

September 2020

The Cotswold Way passes less than a mile from Andy's childhood home. Having been on his "to do" list for several years the opportunity finally arose to complete the 105 miles from Chipping Campden to bath Abbey


Solo and self supported the full route took 4.5 days.

AGBA A3 Square Dark.jpg

Great British Adventure

August 2019 - Ongoing

How much have you seen of your home country? Not enough was my answer and so the Great British Adventure was born. 

12 paths, rivers and trails to be run, peddled or paddled. 

3 down so far; 09 more to go...

Cycle to Sea Square.jpg

Cycle to the Sea

August 2018

A 2250 mile cycle from London to the Black Sea taking in 12 countries and 6 capital cites over 30 days. 


From England, across the channel through central Europe, on past the Iron Curtain to the finish line in Romania.

Retracing much of the route paddled along the Danube in 2016 to see things from a different perspective.

SUP the Thames - Andy Bartlett.jpg

SUP the Thames

June 2017

Having taken on Europes second longest river in 2016; June 2017 saw me take on the UK's second longest river - the Thames.

240Km - 44 Locks - 5 days.

From it's first navigable sections near Cricklade in Gloucestershire down through Oxford, Reading, Henley and Windsor before finally arriving in London.


Where is Uncle Andy

March - April 2016

March & April saw me with some unexpected free time so an impromptu trip to South East Asia and Australia seemed the obvious plan.


With a Niece and Nephew back in the UK who don't get to see their uncle enough, the video series, Where is Uncle Andy? was born. 


Take a watch and play along at home!


August 2015

August bank holiday 2015 saw 5 friends decamp to Herefordshire for a long weekend of kayaking on the River Wye. Supported by Hereford Kayak & Canoe we spent 3 days paddling 60 miles; carrying all we needed with us in the boats and camping on the banks at night. 


A beautiful back yard adventure proving once again that you don’t need to leave these shores to find fun and beauty.

Bryson Line Graphic - Square.jpg

Cycle the Bryson Line

August 2020

The Bryson Line is the longest straight line navigation route in the UK. Discovered by and named after author Bill Bryson.

In August I'll be setting off from Bognor Regis heading for Cape Wrath at the top of Scotland with my trusty bike; carrying everything I need with me.


Campervan Conversion

August 2019

That moment when a dream becomes a reality..


The lure of the open road and a more nomadic life finally become too strong to resist so, for three weeks of August 2019 I set about learning by doing as I created my own little rolling home.

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Thames Tandem SUP

August 2019

In 2018 I returned to paddle the length of the River Thames but with one big difference.

This time I was sharing a Red Paddle Co. Tandem Board with fellow SUP lover Spike Reid. In doing so we set a new record by completing all 129 miles in just over 59 hours.


Coast to Coast UK Cycle

August 2016

Taking advantage of the UK's August Bank Holiday weekend, Andy I took a train from London to the end of the line at Fishguard, West Wales. Then cycled home.

Following the National Cycle Route No.4 I peddled past hills, coves, beaches, valleys, mountains, cities, villages, the Severn Bridge and finally the waterways of southern England. Around 400 miles over 5 days with some epic wild camp along the way. 

london paris header.jpg

London to Paris Cycle

February 2016

A short weekend trip to tick another item off the adventure bucket list. Having always wanted to do the iconic capital to capital ride I opened the journey to anyone who was interested as a way of spreading the adventure love.


Setting off on Friday the 5th February we took in 200 miles, 3 days, 2 countries, 1 ferry and a rather spectacular high speed crash.


April 2015

The Easter weekend started with a return ticket to Moscow but ended in a 160 mile cycle through Holland, Belgium & France.


My first cycling experience on the continent saw me discover just how well bicycles can be integrated in to everyday life as I peddled through some of the worlds most cycle friendly countries.


Stand up Paddle the Wye

July 2020

100 miles along one of the UK's most spectacular rivers over 5 days. Self supported and carrying all equipment on the board. 

Read a daily diary and guide as well as tips, a kit list and route information.

Running home for Christmas.jpg

Run Home for Christmas

19 - 24 December 2018

A simple plan: travel by foot from London to my family in Lincoln over 6 days arriving in time for Christmas. 

170 miles, aching legs, a dodgy achilles and questions of why on earth was I doing this formed 6 days of exploring the UK's countryside and footpaths


Cycle the South Coast

November 2017

Exercise & adventure are a great cure to being in a funk. For 9 days in November  I ambled along the south coast of the UK from Penzance to Dover for a total of 474 miles.

Country lanes, sea front promenades, forests & cities were the backdrop and a massive smile my company. 


SUP the Danube

May - June 2016

In the spring of 2016 I became the first person to stand up paddle board the length of the Danube River. From its source in the Black Forest of Germany through 10 countries & 4 capital cites until arriving  at the Black Sea in Romania just shy of 3000km later.

For more information look here.


December 2015

Having ridden the Elliptigo around town for the previous 5 months, I decided it was time to take it on a longer journey.


200 miles over three days from London to Lincoln towing all my supplies (and Christmas presents) in a trailer.


It was cold, at times it was wet and it was constantly windy. Spurred on by the bemused looks of passers by and more than one bike repair shop it’s defiantly a way to travel like no other.

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