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A Story About Pants

A few years back a colleague and I were fortunate enough to relocate to California for 12 months with work. As part of packing up our lives my colleague (who for the purpose of anonymity we shall call Ron) shipped his personal possessions via a container and cargo ship which required a carnet to be completed listing each individual item and it is for this reason that we found out that he was the proud owner of 108 pairs of pants. That’s not a typo so i’ll repeat it; 108 pairs of pants. That would mean only having to wash each pair twice in a year!

As Kate & I continue our planning before heading to the Danube my time is increasing split between two jobs; sourcing the equipment, clothing and supplies we’ll need on the river and packing up, selling and storing the possessions I already own but won’t be needing whilst we’re away. It’s through doing the latter that I’ve come to realise how easy it is for stuff to accumulate in our lives. I would never say I was a hoarder or owned excessive amounts (and I certainly don’t have anything close to 108 pairs of pants) but the freedom that is seeping into my mind and life from getting rid of things is palpable.

Some people will realise the planning and research which goes in to an adventure like this but may not have thought about the more hidden side effects of such an undertaking. We have both left jobs and moved out of our respective homes to make this happen. A scary prospect on one hand but, if we’re very lucky and everything comes together as we hope it will then it will be completely worth it.

In the mean time, if anyone is after a used 4 man tent, old slide projector or a rounders bat then let me know; it’s all looking for a new home to clutter up.

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