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The 6 P's of Adventure Travel (and maybe life)

Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance (or so the nifty rhyme says)

Not so long ago I was working as a full time event production manager, helping putting together anything from a tented theatre shows for 1000 people to a conference in some far flung corner of the world. In this planning was essential and detail was king. There was a direct correlation between how prepared you were in advance and the success of the event so, when it comes to planning a big adventure or journey surely the same rule will apply. Correct?

Well I’m not so sure and in fact am a firm believer that there is such a thing as over planning for an adventure. Yes you need to look at flights and have them booked; yes you need to make sure you’ve got some good equipment to help ensure you make it to the finish line and yes it’s good to know if you need a visa before approaching a mean looking armed guard at a border post.

The temptation beyond that is to seek out others who have completed similar trips to download their experience and knowledge into your own brain but this is where I think a mistake can be made.

As far as we’re aware The Danube has never been traversed from source to sea before by Stand Up Paddle Board (though several have tried.) It has however been completed by Kayak, Canoe & boat which means there is knowledge out there of some of the highlights, challenges, obstacles and dangers that lie ahead for us.

It’s been great to hear a little of what awaits and that’s added to the excitement of becoming inspired to make this happen but we’re increasingly keen to make this journey our own, one where we approach each day with out pre-conceived ideas of the people we will meet, the scenery we’ll encounter or what the river has in store for us. Too much research would take away some of the challenge, some of the unknown and maybe even detract from the story we’re hoping to experience first hand and share with everyone.

That is why from here until we first get sight of the river our efforts will be focused on our equipment, our safety, the journey and making sure we bring as many people along with us as possible through this blog, photos and videos.


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