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Water Aid

There are many reasons I am about to undertake this daunting adventure. The physical challenge of paddling day after day, and the head space I hope it will give me away from phones, emails and the daily distractions of life. The chance to explore countries and meet people from parts of the world I’ve never experienced before and the fact I want to live a life that is fully of memories and excitement.

But there is another reason, a more important reason and one which is bigger than either of us or the 1800 miles that lie before us. That is the opportunity to raise awareness and maybe a little money for the incredible work of Water Aid.

WaterAid’s vision is of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation. They work in 37 countries across Africa, Asia, Central America and the Pacific Region to transform lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in some of the world’s poorest communities. Since 1981, they have reached 23 million people with safe water and, since 2004, 21 million people with sanitation.

Water Aid is not a new organisation to me. For years I was seeking to find a charity to support on a regular basis and to help raise awareness of and Water Aid become that charity. Thus far my efforts have been limited to a half Marathon and monthly giving but their work is worthy of so much more which is why i’m incredibly excited to partner with them on this adventure.

I realise that there are lots of worthy charities in the world and lots of demands on our finances, but do hope you can find time to read in more depth about the work Water Aid are engaged in and donate anything you can to help them continue their amazing work.

To donate please visit our just giving page

For more information about the work of Water Aid visit, follow @WaterAidUK on Twitter, or visit them on Facebook at

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