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But Didn't Everything Get Wet?

One of the most common questions we get asked is how did you carry all of your equipment & didn’t everything get wet?

All of our gear was secured to the boards in a variety of bags with us both having a slightly different set up. All of our luggage was supplied by the brilliant team at Aquapac. Our main bags were form their Upano Waterproof Duffle series with us each carrying a 40lt & 70lt. These were strapped and secured on the board and proved to be faultless in their performance throughout the trip.

Within these we divided equipment up using waterproof PackDivider Drysacks. This helped make everything easier to find but also gave us an added level of protection for our equipment when opening our main bags. We both had a variety of sizes depending on what we were carrying with Andy opting for multiple 4L & 13L units whilst Kate utilised the 2L & 8L variants.

As well as this we both had a small bag sitting on top of our duffles with essential items which may require quick access such as money, passports and paperwork. For this Kate used a TrailProof Waist Pack and Andy had a TrailProof 15L Drybag.

Finally & possibly most importantly we had our phones with us. These acted as our map, music player, camera & connection with the outside world which meant they were invaluable to us. We both used the Small Waterproof Phone Case which brillaintly allowed us to use all functions of the device without having to remove it from its waterproof casing.

We can’t overstate how important it was to have equipment on this adventure that we had 100% trust in and with Aquapac that is exactly what we found. Beyond the bags themselves the whole team has been incredible in their support, guidance and helpfulness and we can’t thank them enough.

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