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Sup the River Wye - Kit List


Gladiator Cardon Nylon Pro Paddle

Gladiator Pro pump

90 & 70 Ltr Auqapac Lightweight Waterproof Duffle Bag (the ‘Upano’ range)

Aquapac PackDivider Ultra-Lightweight Drysack - Various Sizes


Tent - Nature Hike Cloud UP 2 Ultralight Two Man Tent (for 2 very small people or one full sized adult with bags)

Sleeping Bag - Alpkit Pipedream

Inflatable Pillow - Exped Air Pillow XL


I carried 3 litres of water with me in 2 bottles (both securely clipped to my board) along with   a 750ml Water to Go filter bottle incase I ever needed to fill up from the river but this wasn't required as we passed plenty of free water sources.

Stove was a Alpkit Kraku and my pan was the Alpkit Alipot


Paddling in mid July meant we were blessed with some sunny days and warm temperatures. Even in the mild rain we experienced the temperature stayed high enough for me to comfortably paddle in shorts and t-shirt. I prefer to paddle barefoot but had a pair of lightweight water shoes at hand incase I needed to get off the board and walk over rocks with some flip flops to wear in the evenings.

Two essentials for summer paddling are sun glasses and a peaked hat to keep the sup out of your eyes and off your face. A jumper for the evening and a Palm waterproof jacket for extra warmth and rain protection were the only other items I carried.


iPhone 8 (used for photography, social media and general helpfulness)

2 x Anker Powercore 10,000 battery packs

First Aid Kit (provided by Beyond First Aid)



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