Week One Update

It's seems unbelievable that we only arrived in Germany and started this crazy adventure 7 days ago. Since then we've paddle through blizzards, lugged our gear across snow covered fields to avoid weirs, taken on gnarly looking rapids and taken an unintended swim in the freezing cold water at least once. Daily photo and video updatesfrom our Facebook page (facebook.com/supthedanube) will soon be uploaded to our gallery page on the website but in the mean time here is a summary of what's been happening. Getting to the source was a mission in itself involving 5 trains, a plane and lots of carrying & pushing all of our luggage. Danauseshingen (the source of the Danube) was a picture post card of

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Kate: The tree and stockings are up, the carols are echoing through the air and the house is groaning with good food. Whatever age you are I can bet that you are excited for the morning; the wait is finally over and Christmas day is nearly here. We walked from our hotel down to the source of the Danube earlier on today. Yesterday it took us taxis, train rides and a flight to get here, not to mention weeks of preparation. so to see where the two tribute rivers converge into the Danube was incredibly exciting. We've wanted to get here for so long; over the past few months most days have somehow been connected to this moment, this journey. We are now packed and everything fits (including my em