Week Three Update

Kate: 2067km - starting from near the Danube source are distance markers, which are regularly displayed on the side of the river counting down the kilometres until the Black Sea. They are there for the many shipping vessels that use the river but they are also brilliant for two SUP travellers. They act as a guide, an encouragement but they can also be a frustration when we are forced to move slowly, making you painfully aware of just how slow you are crawling. Tonight we're stopped at 2067km meaning in two days we'll move into the 1000s, there is still some way to go but it's a major achievement. Moving slowly or being forced to accept that plans for the day simply aren't going to happen is

Welcome Back

Welcome back to SUP the Danube! We have picked up where we left off and have now been paddling again for just over a week. Our 8 weeks away from the river went incredibly quickly. Kate spent time discovering parts of Europe not visited by the Danube as well as being part of a 24 hour charity paddle in the U.K. whilst Andy spent time in Indoneisa with some of the Say Yes More team and then rediscovered Australia, a land he once called home. Our return to the river could not have been in greater contrast to our first experience in almost every way. The sun is shining, the snow is gone, the trees are starting to turn green and we are loving it. From the outset we knew the journey would be affec