One Week Out

Kate: So we are finally here. In seven days time we'll fly to Southern Germany then head the final few miles by train to Donaueschingen, ready to start our journey two days later. It's weird, we have been building up to this point for so long that now that it is here it doesn't actually feel real. I am strangely calm, what will be will be and there is not really much more that can be done to change what is about to happen. Andy and I are both snowed under (and yes it is currently snowing in Germany, so our first few days maybe in the most interesting of conditions) with sorting out phone contracts, selling old and unused life-goods, everyday life and seeing friends and family. We know that t

Water Aid

There are many reasons I am about to undertake this daunting adventure. The physical challenge of paddling day after day, and the head space I hope it will give me away from phones, emails and the daily distractions of life. The chance to explore countries and meet people from parts of the world I’ve never experienced before and the fact I want to live a life that is fully of memories and excitement. But there is another reason, a more important reason and one which is bigger than either of us or the 1800 miles that lie before us. That is the opportunity to raise awareness and maybe a little money for the incredible work of Water Aid. WaterAid’s vision is of a world where everyone has access

Looking Silly in the Pursuit of Happiness

Kate: I am competitive to say the least. I like to win at things and don't like failing or getting things wrong. I believe it makes me look silly, and I just really like being not brilliant at everything but at least good at most things. A sport, a board-game, a debate - the list goes on. I think most people are to an extent the same but I know I have that really competitive streak mixed up with not much confidence. Over the past few years I've got a bit better at not having to win at everything but there still is a certain desire to do all sports well and prove myself (even if its just to me). Last week we had a wonderful morning out on the Grand Union Canal near Paddington with Paul from A